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Who makes the best kids hat?

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Why did Jordbarn create their hat product range?

Purchasing hats for babies and for kids can be a very important purchase. It can also be a challenging job as all parents know that it can either be a “hat on” or “hat off” dance with your little one!

Jordbarn has created the best baby and kids hat range (just ask our children). After struggling to find a high-quality children’s hat that was also UPF 50+ certified, we decided to create our own range of kids hats that boast the much-loved bucket hat design by both parents and children alike.

Why are Jordbarn’s kids bucket hats so good?

We have strived to create the best kids bucket hats on the market. We have achieved this by dipping our toes into millinery, to create both a beautifully designed and functional hat. These two items were front of mind as we know that keeping kids hats on can be a struggle at the best of times. Lastly, ensuring that our hats were awarded the ARPANSA tick of approval was also of paramount importance for us.  We are so excited that you can find us here under “hats”. After learning about how different fabrics, styles and colours of a hat can influence the overall protection for our children, we were geared with the knowledge of how to tick all the boxes and create Australia’s favourite hat for kids!

Please check out some of the reviews of Jordbarn kids hats:

11/10/20 - Jacqui - Verified Buyer

Cutest sunhat around!

The white and blue stripe is my absolute fav. We absolutely love these hats, they’re durable, sun safe, high quality and adorable colour! And let’s not forget great value for money! I have multiple hats from here as I cannot find anything that comes close to the quality. On Kids Bucket Hat Blue Striped – Large

09/10/20 - Kathy M - Verified Buyer

Love this hat!

This is the perfect hat for my very active 3-year-old! Great quality, good sized brim for sun protection and has a strap.

12/09/20 - Bridgett C - Verified Buyer

Gorgeous hat

Very sweet hat with great wide brim sun coverage. Bought for my 18-month-old. Looks lovely on and she loves it!

09/09/20 - Alice R. Verified Buyer

The best hats on the market

My children have worn these hats for 18 months now and we love them. Living in the skin cancer capital of Australia (central Queensland),  I have always been very sun safe conscious. I love the extra protection that the wider brim gives but because it’s stiff, it doesn’t get in their way. The toggle is also great at keeping it on their heads. I honestly would read more about review stating the best hats on the market

I’d not buy any other hat (yes, I’m totally gushing but it’s all true). 

We would love for you to consider joining the Jordbarn family today. Please check out our much-loved kids bucket hats here.


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Best Kids Water Bottle

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The search to find the best kids water bottle

We all know the trial and error of trying to find the best kids water bottle on the market, one which they will adore but also tick the boxes. Is the kids water bottle light? Is it transparent so mum and dad can gauge the water level? Is it a BPA FREE kids water bottle? Whoever knew that finding the best kids water bottle would be so hard? We have been there and done all of that. So we decided to have a go and design what we think is the cutest kids water bottle, boasting all of these features and if that wasn’t enough, we have thought of even more!!

pink kids water bottle

The dreaded orange stain

What more could you ask for you say? Well, what about when kids are eating their favourite meal – call it, spaghetti bolognaise? We all know the drill. Those nice but not so nice clear silicone straw spouts all turn a permanent orange colour don’t they? I hear you laughing and nodding your head right now! Don’t worry, our drink spouts are made of an easy wipe spout so no more grimy looking water bottle spouts! Tick there!

kids water bottle and backpack

The water bottles don't leak

Lets add to some more must have features for a kids water bottle. It has to be big enough to not be refilled while you’re out and also big enough for mum to have a little drink along the way too – we all do it so don’t worry! Our Jordbarn water bottles boast a 500ml capacity and shaped in a very clever design to be a little chubby and short which is the perfect size for little hands and a perfect fit for your handbag as this is where they almost always end up! Don’t worry Mumma, we thought of that too. We solemnly swear they don’t leak and we mean it! We have experienced way too many spills to fall for that trick! So, once yours arrives, fill her up and give her a good old shake to get confident knowing you can head out and about without having to worry later on about emptying the contents of your handbag to dry it all out!

Adele Barbaro child in pool with her Jordbarn water bottle

Choose a character

In true child-like design, there are six adorable characters you can choose from. You can even select by your child’s lunar animal which is all explained when you click through here or just pick your child favourite animal. We have some wonderful topics you can chat to your child about through the purchase process and once your done, we will donate 5 meals to children in need in Nairobi.

Zoe George picnic with her kids

Here are some of the topics you will find:

Smarter and Kinder Kids Essentials: 

  1. Food Scarcity + helping those in need | One Shop = 5 Meals
  2. Effects of single use plastics especially on marine life
  3. Cute Chinese Zodiac characters promote cultural awareness

Thank you so much for stopping by, we really hope you love our ideas and thank you for your consideration, we welcome you to a 20% discount please just use code “BLOG” when you checkout for a storewide discount, you’re also welcome to share this awesome code with your friends.


Sarah Kearns happy kids with their Jordbarn essentials

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Custom Made School Hats

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Let us guide you on how to showcase your school or team with our custom wide brim bucket hats! Great for childcare, kinder, school teams and more!

Does your school, childcare or organisation require high quality custom branded hats for children?

We specialise in providing boutique wide brim bucket hats to exclusive schools and childcare centres looking for a superior option compared to the usual run of the mill school hat.

Certified by ARPANSA

Our hats are 100% cotton and breathable boasting a UPF rating of 50+ certified by ARPANSA (the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency). We pride ourselves on giving parents and children not only the best-looking hat but also one that feels superior to wear with the confidence that they have the highest rating of protection. You will find us listed on the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency website here .

child playing with a custom jordbarn kids bucket hat

Custom made hats

You are able to customise your bucket hats for kids –personalise using embroidery or print with your logo. Customise your colours with our four pre certified UPF 50+ block colour options OR choose from a wide endless variety to suit your needs. Sizes available to suit 0-12 years.

Our children’s school hats are available with a quick release safety clip on the draw cord to reduce accidents and unintentional injuries in the playground.

Unisex bucket hat gives students a UPF50+ sun smart protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

kids playing wearing a jordbarn bucket hat

Hat Features and Benefits:

  • Certified by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
  • Wide brim exceeds the ARPANSA certification requirements
  • Certification is on both hat design and fabric
  • Optional but recommended - quick release safety clip on the draw cord to reduce accidents and unintentional injuries in the playground
  • Boutique appearance in design ensuring your centre stands out as superior in all you do
  • Jordbarn branding optional
  • Elastic toggle at back of hat to fit a wide range of children and students.
  • Available in a range of size options
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Embroidery and printing design recommendations to ensure your logo looks its best


“We opened the hats today and they look fantastic! We received the delivery yesterday but didn’t get a chance to open it until this afternoon. Thank you so much for making the hats be here at our centre on time and we really appreciate it!” - Montessori Childcare Customer

For personalised and attentive service for your custom School Hats, please contact us here where we will promptly be in touch to discuss our obligation free service offering. We would love to hear from you even if you are in the early stages of planning your needs. We truly aim to please and hope to hear from you.

Sincerely the Jordbarn Team.

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Tips for keeping kids lunches cool

Posted by Jordbarn (AU) on

We discuss various tips for keeping your kids lunches cool and we highlight the dangers with taking certain foods to school.
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Tips for travelling with kids

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Holidays with kids comes with a memory bank of fun times and bonding for the whole family but the thought can be daunting when you have little one’s needs to consider.

So many questions are often asked so we are here to give you some hot tips in relation to travelling with kids.

Let’s start!

How long is your flight?

When making your booking for a long (or short) flight consider what activity your child is usually doing during that time of day and plan for it. If you can schedule a flight during nap time - even better!  Evening flights are usually more expensive but are wonderful for children if you can. This is mainly a concern for international flights though.

Travelling with kids, looking out the window of a plane and into the sunset

How do you travel with your kids

Avoid the tantrums and come prepared! Packing entertainment is a must! Depending on if you're travelling interstate or overseas, you may not get a meal so packing your child a fun lunchbox for your flight will help entertain them for a period of time.

Bento lunch box

How to entertain a toddler on a plane?

Pack some entertainment! We suggest packing ahead of time and showing your toddler what the activities you have prepared are so they can be super excited. If you give them access to this entertainment before the flight or in the airport lounge, they may show less interest once they board when you really need this “survival kit’. Our favourite pick is this massive pencil/Ipad case by Jordbarn. Its huge and fits a few A4 activity books plus an iPad. It also boasts an inner padded layer for extra protection. The front pocket is big enough for an array of pencils, crayons or textas! This will also come in handy for trips to the local cafe later on.

Jordbarn Ipad & pencil case

Flying with a toddler on your lap

Having a toddler on your lap can be hard work while they wiggle around and make funny faces to the person behind you through the little gap between the seats. This can be cute but also oh so tiring! Most flight attendants will provide you with an infant seat belt while you board the aircraft, but they may not if they think your bubs is large looking and they may think they have their own designated seat. Be sure to ask and the attendants will show you how to use the infant seatbelt. If you are unsure of anything, they will be happy to help. At this time, you could also ask what lavatory the change table is located in. Be pre-warned that most flight attendants will tell you that they don’t want dirty nappies put into the bins in the lavatories as they can be, well let’s face it, damn smelly! Double bag with some tight knots and ask them if there is a specific bin to dispose of them.

Mother travelling with kids

Traveling with infant and toddler on plane

Sometimes it just must be done and although its not a recipe for a peaceful flight, we need to keep the destination in mind! Try to think of your travel in stages and plan for each part. The drive to the airport; use this time to talk to the children about what they will be seeing- lots of big planes, lots of people rushing around and explain to them that we will be able to do some plane watching but first we need to visit the check in counter where they will give us our tickets, next we need to go through a magic door (also known as security) you get the idea. Trying to make the most of the travel to be part of the excitement. Once you get through to the boarding lounge its usually a good time to visit the toilets to avoid the aircraft ones if you can help it!

Parents travelling with kids

Flying alone with infant and toddler

Some additional tips to help you when travelling alone is to ask for help from the attendants. When you reach the boarding lounge, approach the boarding staff and explain you are travelling on your own. Most families are situated at the rear of the aircraft and boarded first via the back of the plane, this often means walking down stairs and back up the stairs at the back. Ask if you can board first using the aerobridge. This can be a huge obstacle to avoid and will save you the feeling of just wanting to collapse as no doubt you will have extra onboard luggage!

Travelling with two toddlers alone

Prams! Often prams will be allowed until boarding and will be provided to you upon landing as soon as you depart the aircraft in your destination port. Usually these go on last and come out first but luggage handlers can become a little complacent day in day out and I wouldn’t recommend you take your Rolls Royce of a pram as I would expect some bumps and bruises to it. Take into account though, if anything is damaged to the point your goods can not be used, there is actually a service to fix this for you (usually and there is a few weeks wait but do keep it in mind if anything was to ever go wrong with your suitcase or pram! Good to know!!)

Travelling with a baby

When you have a baby, consider a baby carrier. Our suggestion is one that can be worn through security so you don’t need to take it of while you wear bubs. Now, there are no guarantees here but the carriers that are made with 100% fabric have been known for being the holy grail of getting through without detaching baby. No promises as these rules are changing constantly but if it works – yeah, you’re welcome!

Travelling with a newborn

Breastfeeding or bottle feeding can bring different challenges and requirements to consider.


Super handy especially during take-off and landing to help with the upper ear and is also super practicable. Depending on whether you are travelling immediately next to your partner or flying solo, then a breast feeding top or even shawl should help you feel comfortable especially if you still have latching difficulties. Honestly, we believe and hope that most would be unphased about your feeding and this would be purely for your own comfort


With new laws in place we suggest a little preparation will go a long way. Consider the sachets of powder individually sealed or segmenting the powder into little containers with a spare serve just in case as delays or even a flight diversion can happen that could add significant time to your journey. Most airlines don’t allow you to carry liquids past the security but you can bring a thermos and ask a café to fill it once you are through. Grab a bottle of water too so you can cool it down if needed. Also, once you are on board, you can ask the flight attendants but keep in mind they are busy after take-off.

Travelling with children

While all of this may seem overwhelming, the memories you will make will all be worthwhile! Make sure you take photos too so you can look back in years to come. We highly doubt you will be still thinking about all the challenges, instead, only be left with a smile reminiscing the past

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