Banana Smoothie Recipe

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Here is typical parenting story OR skip right down to the recipe!

We have all experienced it and we all know the deal here!

After thoughtful hours of planning a healthy dinner for your family, you run to the supermarket, toddler and baby in toe. Somehow you manage to remember you left the list at home - not that you would actually find it in one whole piece, because some little guy has eaten it or torn it into a million pieces!

Checkout, lug kids back into car, calm the kids from screaming and complaints that they have dropped their water bottle on the floor and they need it “NOW”. Somehow twist your back, pull your shoulder out but hey we make it home.

Kids out of car, shopping into house, sits on floor while you organise an activity for the kids. Finally, you take a breath and you can start chopping fresh wholefoods and feeling good about making a nice home cooked meal.

Dad messaged, he’s gonna be late - of all nights that you make an effort! Kids start complaining of hunger and swing off the fridge door asking for cheese! Quickly finish cooking and call “dinners ready” and again and finally pitter patter to the table. Your children successfully feed the floor your nice meal and claim they are full?

Bath, books… then you guess it, “I’m hungry”. Get really angry on the inside, stay calm on the outside because you pick your fights and bed time is looming. You know it’s a good idea to explain to your kids they should have eaten dinner but you know this will prolong bedtime. So you call it!!!!!

Jordbarn Rainbow Silicone Straws Jungle Juice Time!

“Jungle Juice time”

  • 1 or 2 of your saddest looking bananas (max 1 per child)
  • 200 mils milk per child
  • 1 tablespoon oats per child
  • 1 teaspoon honey per child
  • Now blend
  • Pick a colour from the rainbow silicone straw set
  • Stick it in a cup, pour
  • Drink
  • Enjoy ( sorry ^ points are pretty self-explanatory but if you’re really tired this might help)

Now “Good Night Kids”!!!!

**Please note this recipe should not replace healthy eating and a balanced diet, we suggest eating the colours of the rainbow, check out Jordbarn’s Bento Lunch Box where the learning never stops!

Here are some great facts about Jungle Juice!

  • Bananas: contain a great source of potassium and magnesium which are known for their relaxation abilities which make you feel sleepy.
  • Honey: apparently has the same effects as eating a Christmas turkey – siesta time!! The hormone Tryptophan here is the one who makes you sleepy!
  • Oats: are rich in melatonin which are also on the hit list of sleepy goodness
  • Milk: well the verdict is still up and down on this one but hey nothing like an old wives tail to give the placebo effect full charge!

We hope you find Jungle Juice helps your little one(s) sleep better too!

Thanks for reading and goodnight!

The Jordbarn Team

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