Best Bento Lunch Box - 3 Features to Look for In A Kids Bento Lunch Box

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When searching for the best bento lunch box for your child, we know that finding the best one can be daunting! Let’s face it, they are an in investment after all!

There are so many great looking bento lunch boxes that adorn the shelves of boutique stores and also department stores for a bargain find, but how can you decide which bento path to go down?

We have considered all of this and have some great points to look out for to help you find the one!

Best Bento Lunch Box Tips:

Removable upper seal that allows for easy cleaning, to prevent mould and germs

Now, we don’t place this first in line for no reason. Imagine seeing dark blurs showing up under your child’s lunch box and a suspect smell. NO WAY! Unfortunately, Bento Lunch Boxes have transformed along the way and this issue has been addressed. We would suggest looking for a Bento Box with this innovative improvement so you’re not taking a risk of having a mould infested lunch box after a few washes. TIP. If the top seal can not be removed, its likely to be glued down where the risk of water seeping under causing mould is a common problem. Always look for a removable top seal! Jordbarn Bento Lunch Box open with trays out

    Convertible! Do you need to buy and additional tray for your bento box to be able to fit a full-sized sandwich?

    If so, consider the additional cost. These additional trays often cost upwards of $19.95, so look out for the new designed trays which are game changing in the bento box world! They come with a removable inner tray to make cleaning a breeze. There is also a gauge inside the box to stop it moving around when it is in bento style configuration. Best Invention ever! not to mention cost and space saving too!!

    The Jordbarn Bento Lunch Box comes with a rainbow tray, to encourage your kids to eat the colours of the rainbow!

    Is it BPA free?

    It goes without saying but sadly not all kids’ bento lunch boxes are made of BPA free plastics, look for product descriptions that identify their products to be BPA free and using plastic number (7).

    Family at the bench eating from a Jordbarn Bento Lunch Box

    Why we love bento Lunch Boxes:

    Hello Nude foods! After enrolling our children into kindergarten, it fast became apparent that you can’t take ANY packaged foods in your children’s lunch box! Being new to making school lunches, it was a daunting feeling of how to manage this. Having a bento Lunch box really does take that worry away. No food touches or moves between sections so there is no need for single use plastics. This by far saves us plenty of time in the mornings. We also love to make up to three days of lunches in a row and stack the bento boxes in the fridge. Being air tight, they stay fresh including the bread which is just awesome!

    Jordbarn Bento Lunch Box

    Being new to the bento world can be daunting but once you get started, we know you won’t know how you managed without!

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