What is the best kids backpack for kinder?

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What features should you look for in a kids backpack for kinder?

With so many cute kids backpacks on the market for kids these days, it’s no wonder our heads are spinning on which is the best. I mean, its just a toddler backpack, right? Well, sort of.

Make sure it has dual compartments

A front pocket big enough always comes in handy for a spare change of clothes for kindergarten or childcare use!

Girl walking down the street wearing a blue Jordbarn blue backpack and holding her dad's hand

Get a toddler backpack that fits together with other essential items

Your child will love that the water bottle, cooler bag, lunch box all match. Firstly, the products fit together as designed. Secondly, your child will love to show their themed products off at kinder or childcare.

It needs to be durable

A child's backpack is going to get thrown around, dropped, pulled and sat on. Buy products that are going to last, rather than poor quality items from large retail stores. This includes having quality stitching, quality zips that are firm but reliable and straps that are not going to break.

Girl wearing a pink Jordbarn backpack

Make sure the zips are good quality

The zips on the kids backpacks are going to be pushed to the limit. Make sure they are made to the highest standard and the bag easily opened by your child - the smoother the feel, generally the higher the quality.

Jordbarn Backpack inner lining

No mesh on the side pockets

These always break first. Make sure they are not mesh, which will break in no time. If it does, your child's water bottle will be rolling down the footpath! Also, remember, dual pockets are best for more flexibility. Our backpack has a high pocket for the water bottle, sure to keep the water bottle from falling out when your child is running!

Soft carry handles

Will you end up being the one to carry it in and out of day care? Soft carry handles make it easy to juggle all the items on the morning drop off. Make sure it also has a special loop for hanging the backpack on the hook at kinder or child care, which will prevent the main handle from additional wear and tear.

Boy wearing a blue Jordbarn Backpack

Does the backpack have dark shades?

Dark Shades of blue and pink help to keep things looking cleaner for longer. The backpacks are likely to be dragged along the floor after a long day at school or kinder. Light shades are inherently much more difficult to keep clean.

Stranger Danger

You may not have realised, but personalising your child's backpack can be an issue. Conceal your children’s names and identity on outer wear items, such as tops, backpacks, water bottles and hats – always think Stranger Danger!. Check out our blog on our thoughts on that topic.

We have found the Best kids backpack that ticks all these boxes and makes your everyday life easier!

  • Check out the quality zippers.
  • The higher side pockets so kids’ bottles stay put and won't fall out and bounce down the road!
  • Dual handles so when hanging little one’s bag on kinder or childcare hooks you don’t damage the nice padded one you like to hold in and out of the car
  • Nice large front pocket, fits an entire change of clothes
  • Front animal represents a cute Chinese Lunar Animal to spark conversations around cultural awareness with your child. Or even let your child pick their favourite character.

Soft shoulder straps

Backpacks are heavy! Get a backpack that has soft straps for your child.

Why buy Jordbarn?

The Jordbarn product range is designed to ignite thought-provoking family discussions that will encourage children to use their power to make a positive difference on earth. Ultimately, Jordbarn aims to inspire children to unleash their vast potential for much-needed change.

Get excited and find out how each Jordbarn product can create a learning opportunity for you and your children today.

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