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The search to find the best kids water bottle

We all know the trial and error of trying to find the best kids water bottle on the market, one which they will adore but also tick the boxes. Is the kids water bottle light? Is it transparent so mum and dad can gauge the water level? Is it a BPA FREE kids water bottle? Whoever knew that finding the best kids water bottle would be so hard? We have been there and done all of that. So we decided to have a go and design what we think is the cutest kids water bottle, boasting all of these features and if that wasn’t enough, we have thought of even more!!

pink kids water bottle

The dreaded orange stain

What more could you ask for you say? Well, what about when kids are eating their favourite meal – call it, spaghetti bolognaise? We all know the drill. Those nice but not so nice clear silicone straw spouts all turn a permanent orange colour don’t they? I hear you laughing and nodding your head right now! Don’t worry, our drink spouts are made of an easy wipe spout so no more grimy looking water bottle spouts! Tick there!

kids water bottle and backpack

The water bottles don't leak

Lets add to some more must have features for a kids water bottle. It has to be big enough to not be refilled while you’re out and also big enough for mum to have a little drink along the way too – we all do it so don’t worry! Our Jordbarn water bottles boast a 500ml capacity and shaped in a very clever design to be a little chubby and short which is the perfect size for little hands and a perfect fit for your handbag as this is where they almost always end up! Don’t worry Mumma, we thought of that too. We solemnly swear they don’t leak and we mean it! We have experienced way too many spills to fall for that trick! So, once yours arrives, fill her up and give her a good old shake to get confident knowing you can head out and about without having to worry later on about emptying the contents of your handbag to dry it all out!

Adele Barbaro child in pool with her Jordbarn water bottle

Choose a character

In true child-like design, there are six adorable characters you can choose from. You can even select by your child’s lunar animal which is all explained when you click through here or just pick your child favourite animal. We have some wonderful topics you can chat to your child about through the purchase process and once your done, we will donate 5 meals to children in need in Nairobi.

Zoe George picnic with her kids

Here are some of the topics you will find:

Smarter and Kinder Kids Essentials: 

  1. Food Scarcity + helping those in need | One Shop = 5 Meals
  2. Effects of single use plastics especially on marine life
  3. Cute Chinese Zodiac characters promote cultural awareness

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