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Jordbarn – Our Story

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Hello! Welcome to Jordbarn and thank you for letting us tell our story.

We are Pam and Michael, Melbourne parents of two beautiful young children. While shopping for our own kids, it became obvious to us that there was a real need for a better, high quality, newest kids impact brand. We wanted to create an ethical children's brand with purpose. The word ‘Jordbarn’ is Swedish for ‘Earth Child’ and so for us, this is child number three.

Where did we get the idea for the name?

The Jordbarn concept of ‘Earth Child’ is especially appropriate for our new brand, because we see it as a name that can represent not simply high-quality children’s products, but further layers encompassing messages of respect for people, planet and values such as inclusion, imagination, mindfulness, cultural awareness and ongoing, enthusiastic learning. Our vision was to create a unique children’s ethical shopping brand with positive impact at its heart. For us then, Jordbarn represents inclusiveness, the best of nature, fun learning and sustainable growth of all kinds. We hope it can represent all this for you and your children too. We strongly believe that the planet our kids will be inheriting will be in better hands if they are the hands of eco-warriors and thoughtful consumers practicing the most mindful consumption. 

What products do we stock?

With a lot of research after bedtimes and between working, we have just released an exciting Jordbarn range of kids backpacks, cooler bags, bento boxes, no-leak water bottles, reusable straws, limited edition Chinese lunar year toys and super protective, accredited sunhats for girls and boys. All Jordbarn products are colourful, bright and fun. They are designs the kids will adore, they are made to strict quality controls and standards and built to withstand all that children can, and will, throw at them.


As the ‘parents’ of our new-born brand and in support of other parents who hold similar high standards, we are committed to creating the best quality, ethically-made range of children’s products so you can be assured they are designed and built to last. We reject a throwaway culture. We aim to inspire children to think outside the box, to ignite their imaginations, to leave the house and to engage their curiosity with the earth and nature.

Why Jordbarn?

All details of the Jordbarn children’s product range have been carefully and thoughtfully considered such as the use of rainbow bento boxes promoting equality, with bright colours on the base encouraging children to eat and discover the colours of the rainbow outside white and brown. Silicone straws are included in the range in a handy bag to encourage portable use, educating children to always consider the use of plastic in our current environment therefore reducing landfill and unnecessary plastic ending up in our waterways.

Jordbarn aspires to reach, inspire and support children around the globe to a better future. With a range of limited-edition hand knitted Chinese lunar characters as part of an exciting toy range these characters promote cultural awareness and how other families celebrate other cultural events outside Christmas and Easter on different calendar dates promoting global inclusion, promoting worldwide compassion and tolerance.   

We’d love you to consider supporting our ethical children’s products start-up. Whether it’s for a child’s first birthday gift or a gift for an older child, we’d love you to consider buying children’s essentials made with love by Jordbarn


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