Smarter, Kinder Kids Essentials

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Jordbarn - Earth Child

Smarter, Kinder Kids Essentials

The Jordbarn product range is designed to ignite thought-provoking family discussions that will encourage children to use their power to make a positive difference on earth. Ultimately, Jordbarn aims to inspire children to unleash their vast potential for much-needed change. 

Get excited and find out how each Jordbarn product can create a learning opportunity for you and your children today:


Charity: One Shop = 5 Meals.

Remind children of food waste, appreciation, food mileage and scarcity around the world. This, paired with the feelings of compassion for people less fortunate, can be eye opening and a reminder for the entire family. Jordbarn aims to inspire each child to unleash their vast potential for much-needed change, ultimately to make a positive difference on earth for the future of all children. 

One Shop = 5 Meals

Key Ring: Stranger Danger!

Tips: What to tell your child about a stranger:

  • Tell your child not to listen to or be near a stranger; rather to ignore and move away
  • Tell your child to never ever go with a stranger, no matter what the stranger says
  • Share a code word with your child that is easy for them to remember and assure them that only a trusted adult will know the code word

Check out our blog on Stranger Danger

Idea: Conceal children’s names and identity on outer wear items, such as tops, backpacks, water bottles and hats.  

Jordbarn Monkey Key ring

Lunchbox: Jordbarn’s lunchboxes are making lunch fun again!

The inside removable tray has a rainbow in it. Here, you can teach your child about primary and secondary colours, eating the colours of the rainbow, equality, tolerance and acceptance. We encourage making lunch as a team during this process, and encourage your child by learning together on areas such as how to prepare food, food groups.

Jordbarn Bento Lunch Box

Gel Hot/Cold Pack: 

Find a map of Antarctica on the back of each gel Hot/Cold pack. You can discuss ways to combat global warming and the impact on future generations by our actions (particularly as the cold pack melts at the end of the day). Also, discuss the continents of the world! Even talk about Australian research stations on Antarctica - the world is your oyster!

Jordbarn Hot & Cold Pack

Silicone Straws: 

Let’s grab a drink and talk! Did you know it’s estimated that Australia alone uses 10 MILLION disposable straws a day! Discuss the ideas on ways to reduce waste, single use plastic, effects on marine life and the positive impacts small changes can have to our precious planet. Also discuss the colours of the rainbow, learn primary and secondary colours, equality, tolerance and acceptance. Silicone is friendly on fragile teeth, while were at it remind your children after their bedtime smoothie that its time to brush their teeth before bed and why! 

Jordbarn Silicone Straws

Hats: “Always Be Kind” a special message on every tag.

Put your thinking hats on and think about the ways you can be kind to one another. Bullying. No Way! Smarter & Kinder!!!

Jordbarn Bucket Hat


Birthday Cards: Each birthday card comes with a cute animal personality trait which helps children understand how we are all different. Also, discuss the importance of giving.

Jordbarn Birthday Cards

Backpacks: Teach steps towards independence.

We have designed the Jordbarn backpack to have a large front pocket. This thought was behind where to keep an entire change of clothes, explain to your child there is no need to touch or open this space unless they need to change outfits. Now that you have the larger space in the bag available you can work on getting ready for childcare, kinder or school by giving one item of responsibility to your child to pack each day, e.g. their lunch box it might be nice to do it together and help until this is mastered and go from there!

Jordbarn Indigo Backpack

Lunar Animals: 

Pick a design based on your date of birth or your favourite animal. During this process, you can encourage your child to be Smarter & Kinder by discussing cultural differences and include your own family background and history. While you’re at it, let your minds reflect and explore these themes together with your children.

Pick your character, a fun way to choose

Thoughtful Packaging: 

Jordbarn packs it’s goodies into a compostable bag for delivery and reduce the wasteful unboxing theme by providing you with a high quality, reusable, 100% cotton tote bag that is great for the library, pools or general shopping. Once your delivery arrives, you can plant the black delivery bag into the soil or if you have one into your compost bin!

Jordbarn uses better packaging co compostable bags

 Smarter, Kinder Kids Essentials

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