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Like many who are raising a family in Australia, there are things we know we need to take into consideration in respect to our children’s well being. Let’s be truthful – there’s a lot to remember, including all the tips about kids safety around water, venomous spiders lurking under the outdoor furniture or in our shoes or  deadly snakes casually slithering past on a bush walk.

Of course, the real dangers posed by the ever-present Australian sun. As Australian parents of two little kids, we are particularly mindful of the damage that our sun can do to a child’s skin – or anyone’s skin for that matter.

 Boy running at the park with a Jordbarn Indigo bucket hat

The stats tell us that two in three Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer and Melanoma by the age of 70.

That should tell you why it’s so important to both protect and educate our kids and start the healthy sun-smart messaging early. Slip, Slop and Slap all the time! 

Kids Hats are an essential barrier to the sun’s UV rays and a standard addition to your sun protection arsenal for you and your kids. But here’s the thing you may not know:  not all hats are made equal or to the high standards you might impose if you were making a hat for your child. For example, some straw and baseball caps do not provide an adequate level of protection, exposing little ears and necks to potential sun damage. Other hats are made from low quality, thin material, and can allow the sun’s rays to enter and burn the skin. And others simply don’t last.

Rest assured, as parents with our own kids, at Jordbarn we have put a lot of research and thought into the best sun protection for kids. We know the best kids hats back to front now because we make them!

Girl in tree wearing a Jordbarn Indigo Bucket Hat

What's so good about the Jordbarn Hats?

ARPANSA certified

Our fun, bright, range of children’s cotton hats have the Australian Accreditation UPF 50+ sun protection rating certified by ARPANSA, known as AS/NZS 4399.

Additional inner UV layer

Our hats also have an outer layer of 100% cotton, providing a fresh and natural feel. Jordbarn hats are made from cotton, ‘breathe’ so your child won’t get the dreaded sweaty hat hair. We have also added an inner UV protective layer to as another level of sun protection.

They are made to fit

Jordbarn kids hat sizes are also specifically designed to fit perfectly on your child’s head, containing two tightening methods – an elastic drawstring around the head and an under-chin toggle system which means no hats falling off on the swing or when the kids are tearing around the park.

Larger brim width

Our extra wide hat brims also give broader protection than many other designs. Aside from these sun protection features, Jordbarn hats are built for stylish, sturdy long-term use.  They will look great on the precious little heads of your kids or grand kids.

These small but important sun protection innovations are the result of our lengthy research and the fact that everything we make at Jordbarn is made with love for our kids.Jordbarn Bucket Hat 50+UPF kids playing

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