Best kids lunch boxes to encourage kids to eat healthy

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Hands up if you know the struggles of keeping lunchtime meals ideas exciting, nutritious and edible for the kid’s school lunches?

We hear you!  When you get that ‘almost as full as when it left in the kids school backpack in the morning’, warm lunch box back in the afternoon, you know that’s a fail. #Sigh. Not only that, your child is also HANGRY! Grrrr!!

At Jordbarn, we know healthy school lunches and snacks are so important for active children in a learning environment. Eating healthy food helps children concentrate and learn so it’s important to offer healthy lunch box choices. And you don’t want your child falling asleep in class! One solution to help encourage your child to eat healthily is simply making the lunchbox itself more inviting and fun.

Jordbarn identified a need for a better lunch box for kids, by looking at all the available options for kids lunch boxes.

We asked: what are the best kids lunchboxes? What makes them the best kids lunchboxes, what’s wrong with some lunchboxes and ultimately, how can we make a better child’s lunchbox?

The conclusion of our market research at Jordbarn, was that we needed to create a lunchbox made with safe materials, designed with colourful, fun elements and incorporating clever functionality that both parents and children would love. Enter our new Jordbarn bento box.

What we love about a standard Bento Box design for a kids lunchbox solution is that not only do they keep food separated effectively, they also mean you don't have to look after multiple containers and lids which reduces waste and packaging. But we’ve added our twists too.

Jordbarn Bento Box Indigo open with trays out

We are taking a serious tilt at making lunch fun again with our super fun bento lunch box designs in both indigo and magenta.

Each Jordbarn bento box is made BPA and waste free and also has four removable and washable parts that allow for easy cleaning and prevent the mould and germ factory that can begin to form in most kids lunch boxes that are not made in the same way. The leak-proof design and removable dishwasher friendly tray make cleaning a synch. Goodbye germ factory! Jordbarn's lunchboxes are convertible, with an all-in-one design, giving you the option of having a sandwich one day and a bento style lunch box the next. No more worrying about purchasing an expensive second tray!

Our Australian made design also promotes eating the colours of the rainbow, as each colour of a fruit or a vegetable represents a key vitamin within that food that your child will ingest for better health. Our compartments are made to fit fresh fruit and crunchy vegetables of all colours!

Encouraging habits around healthy eating while educating around sustainable consumption is very important to us.

While a better lunchbox itself may help your child’s eating habits improve, involving your child in the preparation of their lunch and giving them the opportunity to choose and prepare their food is one of the best ways to ensure you never find the horror of six weeks old fermenting bananas and sandwiches at the bottom of a backpack. Rather you’ll find an empty lunch box at the end of the day and a much happier, healthier child.  #parentingwin

Tip: combine the Jordbarn Bento Box with our cool insulated lunch bag and our well-proportioned 500ml leak-proof water bottle as a great gift idea!

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