What are the best reusable straws?

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What is silicone made of?

Silicone is primarily made from silica sand and generally regarded as non-toxic to both humans and the environment. This means both extreme heat and cold temperatures. Silicone straws don't tinkle little teeth, this is ideal for kids, including those who like to straw bite and those with swallowing problems.

How to clean your silicone straws?

Our Jordbarn Rainbow Silicone Straws come as a set, which include a straw/pipe cleaner. Simply rinse under running water and use the pipe cleaner through the full length of the straw or simply place in the dishwasher in your cutlery section. The Silicone Straws are food grade, flexible, have a bevelled edge and come with a set of six. Also comes with a handy pouch to use when you are out and about at cafes.

What makes our straws different?

Not only do we provide you with a beautiful set of straws, we also help provide a mechanism for you to engage with children to discuss important social and environmental topics.

You won’t need to use single use plastics anymore. The straws make drinking water a novelty and you will notice that they will drink more water!

Are silicone straws environmentally friendly?

Did you know it’s estimated that Australia alone uses 10 MILLION disposable straws a day! Silicone can withstand high temperatures in the dishwasher and can be used thousands of times. Silicone’s non-stick nature makes them easy to clean for long term use. Being so highly durable and long-lasting, Silicone is a better long-term option.

Smarter, Kinder Kids Essentials | Topics:  

  • Eat (drink) the colours of the rainbow
  • Primary + secondary colours
  • Equality + being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities
  • Effects of single use plastics especially on marine life
  • Food Scarcity + helping those in need

We hope you enjoy engaging these engaging topics of discussion.

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