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CreateCare Global

CreateCare Global works toward connecting a compassionate person or child from anywhere in the world to any one child affected by poverty, disease or disaster, so they can meet the needs of that child.

Globally, CreateCare Global partners with grassroot organizations to learn and understand the tangible acts that can make a positive impact in the lives of the orphaned and vulnerable children they care for.

In Australia, they encourage parents, teachers, and children to get involved creatively, and to take action, because one small act can have a huge impact in the life of an orphaned or vulnerable child.

CreateCare Global initiatives include:

  • Knit-a-squareSouth Africa (KAS) was co-founded by aunt and niece, Ronda Lowrie and Sandy McDonald. Together with a global community of crafters in 60 countries, KAS has warmed more than 90,000 of the millions of orphaned and vulnerable children, with beautiful hand made blankets.
  • CandleNight Challenge provides children in Uganda with solar-powered reading lamps to replace kerosene lamps and candles partnership with HUG (Help us Grow)
  • Footsteps for Water and In the Bag provides water bottles and school bags for school children in Uganda in partnership with HUG (Help us Grow)
  • I Can Walk raises the money for babies in Zimbabwe who are born with clubfoot to have the Ponsetti procedure in partnership with ZANE Australia

We encourage you to support CreateCare Global. Please follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

To celebrate our launch, Jordbarn will donate a backpack and water bottle for every one sold up to the 14/5/2019 to children in Uganda via CreateCare Global.

Jordbarn has also donated 14 solar lamps to CreateCare Global in support of its Candle Night project.

 Jordbarn solar lamps donation

Jordbarn solar lamp donation to schoolgirl

Jordbarn Water bottles one for one givingJordbarn one for one giving

Jordbarn solar lamp donation

At Jordbarn, we strive to encourage and develop the next generation of Earth Children!


CreateCare Global

Candlelight Challenge CreateCare Global