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Fundraising & Affiliate Program FAQ's

How do we activate our fundraiser?

Go to https://www.shoutout.global/signup?id=45j52 and enter the details of your school, organisation or group.

Once submitted, your group will become active as a fundraiser and can start earning commission.

What will we earn from our fundraiser?


All sales and items, regardless of any sale we may be running, will always earn you 15% commission! All purchases made will also provide a 10% discount to families who place the order! That’s 25% overall back to your community! We make it easy!

Is this ongoing?

Yes, absolutely! See our toolkit forms to help create goals within your fundraising community to keep families involved. We suggest keeping families up to date. If your goal is to get new sporting equipment, we suggest you keeping them updated on your progress as well as thanking them for their support. Once you achieve the goal, create a milestone celebration where families and the school can decide on your communities next goal.

How do we receive our funds?

No minimum or maximum limits for pay outs, you get paid monthly in arrears. You will receive funds by PayPal if you or your organisation has a PayPal account or otherwise via EFT. You will also be able to login to ShoutOut to keep track of the commissions earnt. We suggest setting up an auto forward rule and a new email folder so you can review all the notifications you receive.

If a family doesn’t use our code, can you help and add the commission in later?

Sorry, but commission cannot be added to a transaction retrospectively.

What is our unique fundraising code and how does it work?

When you apply to be a part of our fundraising, an offer a code and also a link is generated from your group name. This code is automated and unfortunately you are unable to change it. Before you sign up, we have some very important information about how to fill in the online form so you can get your schools letters in the code.

Do we tell families to shop from your website?

A family can order as usual from the Jordbarn website www.jordbarn.com.au and at checkout place your code in and automatically 10% will be taken from the price of the order. Using your school online newsletter or social media via your school pages is usually the most successful way to communicate as families. Families can click the link directly to our website, or copy and paste the discount code in at checkout. Families are so busy and need a few steps as possible to motivated to support these sorts of programs. We provide more examples in our Media Kit.

What marketing materials do you provide?

We have a media kit to utilize for promoting your fundraiser. These files include posters, flyers, social media images and more! We can create a poster unique to your school with the discount code highlighted to help you achieve your goals.

What happens if I forget the login?

Visit this link and re-set your password. If you need further assistance, please get in touch.

Can we opt out at any time?

Yes, you can opt out as an affiliate at any time.

Can we have other fundraisers going at the same time

Of course you can, as long as your other fundraisers don’t have fine print, no terms and no hard feelings, from our end we hope you can find many ways to achieve your Schools fundraising goals!

Do we give out items for school fetes and raffles?

Yes we do, however due to the nature of our fundraiser being Australia wide, we have very limited spaces. Please be in contact prior to June 30 each year to request further support.