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Awards Ceremony At Suubi Secondary School

It was an very exciting day to conclude the end of the 2019 school year at Suubi Secondary School as awards were distributed to students who had excelled throughout the year. 
A creative initiative over the last term had seen our tailoring students learn the skills of producing backpacks, that today were the highlight of the prizes handed out. To know that each backpack had been sewn by one of our sewing class and screen printed by our very talented special needs students from our Smiling HeARTs project certainly added an additional sense of pride to the awards ceremony.
Kids at Suubi Secondary College in Nairobi with donations from Jordbarn
Our huge thanks goes to our wonderful supporters from Createcare Global and Jordbarn for making all of this possible. Your generosity has not only provided the students with backpacks, water bottles and solar lamps but more importantly it has given our students an opportunity to learn new skills along the way and feel a sense of pride in their achievements. Your generosity will continue to have a positive impact in the students lives well in to the future! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Students at Suubi Secondary College with Jordbarn water bottles 
Students waited in anticipation as the prizes were set out on the awards table.
Smiling students receiving donated Jordbarn water bottles
The smiles on everyones faces spoke volumes as the awards were distributed. Patricia was one of a number of students who was rewarded not only for her academic excellence but also for producing one of the backpacks that were being distributed as part of the prizes.
Gertrude, who had joined Suubi SS from our Smiling HeARTs project this year, was proud to be one of the recipients for also producing backpacks.
Syrus, the head prefect for Suubi Secondary College in Nairobi receives his donated Jordbarn Water Bottle and backpack

Our head prefect, Syrus, was happy to be awarded for his outstanding leadership.
All the awardees were presented to the rest of the school population; they are sure to inspire all of them to work hard so they can the very best version of themselves too.
The remaining backpacks, water bottles and solar lamps, that were so generously donated by CreateCare Global and Jordbarn, will be awarded throughout first term of 2020 as students continue to show outstanding academic results and/or exceptional personal life skills. 
Actually, we would love continue to do this at the end of each term; so if anyone would like to contribute towards this we would love to hear from you.